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Comprehensive and Palliative Care

Delta Hospice care team focuses on providing a superior patient care experience with private and shared duties. All associates undergo a through background check for an additional level of safety of our patients.We provide palliative care for patients who have a limited life expectancy and require comprehensive biomedical, psycho-social, and spiritual support. Hospice care patients include those suffering with chronic progressive illnesses (cancer and cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, pulmonary, and neuro-degenerative diseases) that affect older individuals. We focus on improving care of the dying in Dallas, Plano and Carrollton areas we serve.

A POC(Plan of care) will be developed from the initial and comprehensive assessments, and this gives a road map for the patient’s care. A POC will include all services necessary for the palliation and management of the terminal illness, and related conditions, problems, interventions and goals. It is established before our services are provided.

All hospice care and services tailored to the needs of patients and their families will follow this individualized written plan of care(POC). A POC is established by our hospice interdisciplinary group in collaboration with the attending physician, the patient or representative, and the primary caregiver in accordance with the patient’s needs. Delta Hospice care ensures that each patient and the primary care giver receive education and training provided by the hospice as appropriate to their responsibilities for the care and services identified in the plan of care.

What does a POC contain: