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Home and Inpatient care

There are instances where the pain and symptoms can’t be managed at home. In that case we provide inpatient care to manage pain and complex acute symptoms. This care can be provided at hospitals, nursing facilities that can provide hospice care 24 hours a day. This inpatient level of care helps them transition from hospitalized curative care to home hospice. This type of care is short-term, more like 3-5 days and after the symptoms are under control the patient can go back home to familiar surroundings and familiar faces where they want to be most of the time. So when is it necessary to think about inpatient care for the patient? Let’s consider some of these deciding factors:

The inpatient hospice care environment contrasts with an acute care facility in such a way that the atmosphere is calmer, and the medical providers slow down to talk to the patients providing more of a home-like feel while also providing aggressive pain and symptom management with the goal of stabilizing the patient who can then return home.